Collision Dynamics, LLC
Collision Dynamics, LLC

Collision Dynamic, LLC is known for providing expert accident investigation and reconstruction at a reasonable cost.

Collision Dynamics, LLC can help with the simplest of cases and also works efficiently and effectively on a team of experts. It is common to work with biomechanists, traffic engineers, human factors experts, lighting experts, and other experts providing a thorough analysis of the subject collision in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Collision Dynamics, LLC was formed in 1983 by Tim Pebler to provide multidiscipline accident investigation and reconstruction. While Tim has academic education, he has on scene accident experience as a city policeman (Scottsdale, Arizona) and state highway patrolman, (Arizona Highway Patrol) including as a motorcycle officer. Since 1983, Tim has consulted with attorneys on both plaintiff and defense matters and with the insurance industry throughout the southwestern United States. Tim is a credible and comfortable testifying expert witness but is also a great source for a quick question or early analysis.

As appropriate, many state-of-the-art tools and computer programs are used to gather data and to analyze the dynamics of a collision. Drone technology is used to model three dimensional terrains from geo referenced photographs taken with the drone camera as well as high definition photographs overhead of the vehicle damage. Computer programs such as PC-Crash, and HVE are used to model collisions creating a physics-based simulation calculating the vehicle/object post impact trajectory and the forces in effect during the collision phase. Credible research is used pertaining to the subject collision to validate the methods used to reconstruct the collision and to support the overall findings.

From pedestrian accidents to multiple vehicle and commercial vehicle accidents, the process is performed in an efficient manner while charging a reasonable hourly fee.

Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction


Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers

Member SAE International

Member and past Board member and Board Chairman of the Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators, Inc.

Member SATAI

Member of National Association of Professional Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Inc.

Member Napars

FAA certified private pilot and a commercial SUAS (Drone) pilot